Category: Arcade

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Cut Off

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A cut off game, player can use mouse to cut off enemy.

Minimal Paddle

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Mouse, Touch or Keyboard ( Left, Right Buttons and Space to start.) Control


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‘ANARKEY’ is a game of skill against the clock. The player has to hit the black keys of the organ (mouse or touch) in sequence as fast as possible to complete the game and win a medal. Hitting the white keys causes th...


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"‘Basher’ is based on the ever popular Breakout style game and includes a level editor, so you can create your own levels. The main active element is the ‘energy ball’, which can bounce off the side and top walls. If ...


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Humans are starting another war and its consequences are affecting other creatures too. They have deployed naval mines across the sea that can be very dangerous for fishes and all other marine animals. So the wise tur...

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